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Puck and Oberon in A Midsummer Night's Dream
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Set in the 1950’s this production took the audience on a magical walk-about journey into the hidden dells of the park to discover the rich comedy and magical enchantment of Shakespeare’s best loved play. This famous story of spirits and spells, tricks and potions, lovers lost and found and a perfectly happy ending was a delight for all.

The revels of a rock and roll band of mechanicals dazzled with their singing in Feelgood’s celebrated a cappella ‘do wop’ style and the lover’s wooing game was witnessed as they zoomed around on bicycles.


Cast: Eve Robertson (Puck), Richard Ashton (Theseus/Oberon), Fiona Paul (Hippolyta/Titania), Jill Kemp (Hermia), Rosie Mason (Helena), Dan Willis (Lysander), Lewis Hayes (Demetrius), Antony Bessick (Nick Bottom), Trevor Brown (Peter Quince), Clive Moore (Francis Flute/Egeus), Philip Wallace (Robin Starvelling), Heather Johnson (Tom Snout), Danny Topham (Snug), Sonya Moorhead (Cobweb), Alex Harding (Mustardseed/Philostrate), Roz Norbury (Moth), Claire Disley (Peaseblossom), Hazel Roy (Fairy).

Production Team: Caroline Clegg (Producer/Director), Lisa Mildenhall (Company Administrator/Front of House Manager), Faith Watson (Musical Director), Allison Clarke (Designer), Alison Eyers (Costume Designer), Hazel Roy (Marketing Director), Kate Waters (Fight Director), Shona Wright (Production Company Manager), Rosalind Chappelle (Stage Manager), Peter Mildenhall (Distribution Executive), Pauline Mildenhall (Wardrobe Maintenance), Sonya Moorhead (Acting ASM), Danny Topham (Acting ASM), Jenna Omeltschenko (ASM), Ray Shone (ASM), Yvonne Sewell (Front of House Assistant Manager), Andrew Simpkins, Liam Packham, Declan Kirkwood and Carly Moorhouse (Front of House Assistants), Dave Kirkwood (Photographer and Blog Designer).

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Summer Rep 07 - A Midsummer Night’s Dream