Feelgood Theatre Productions

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Sat 29 – Mon 31 October 2016
5.15pm, 6.30pm & 8pm daily


Tickets: www.jumblebee.co.uk/ghoststory

Few can forget Feelgood’s gothic horror masterpiece Dracula – The Blood Count and now they are back to unearth a tale to scare even the bravest of hearts!

“Clegg’s production excels in long shot - it’s pretty good in close-up as well!”.
**** The Guardian, Dracula

At Halloween this year, only the boldest are invited to discover the ghosts of Heaton by walking through the empty rooms and locked cellars of this magnificent estate dating back to the 14th century.  Mesmerised by the hypnotic power of silence and darkness every footstep you take will lead you deeper into an adventure that transcends time and terror as we uncover the Egerton family legend of Lady Alice, reputed to haunt the hall…

Do you dare join us to go below stairs into the derelict west wing where the public have not ventured for decades?

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Ghost Story of Heaton