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An epic adventure of high drama, death defying sword fights, magic and chivalry, drawing on centuries of legend and fantasy that surround this most English of Kings.

The Romans have left Briton and the country is once again in chaos, divided by factions and tribes, only one man can unite the Kingdoms. With Merlin’s aid and the magic of the old gods, we will see Arthur journey from great warrior to noble king and create his Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table.

But the journey is not easy and the fragile peace begins to unravel as bitter jealousies come to the fore. Lancelet, Arthur’s most trusted knight and Guinevere, his spirited wife stand accused of betrayal in a forbidden love affair, Mordred seeks to usurp the crown aided by black hearted Morgana and a mysterious army stands ready to invade.

Interwoven with Medieval music, song and dance, an ensemble cast of the finest actors and musicians married myth with historical fact and lead the audience on a journey deep into the woods to reveal a lost world.

The 2006 Summer Season included:

The King Arthur Trail
A group of young and old workshop participants created an adventurous trail and a park sculpture.

The Feelgood Creativity Tent
Drama Art and stage combat were just some of the exciting activities on offer in the Feelgood Creativity Tent.

Tha Tha by Siyaya Arts
In 2002 for the Commonwealth Games Feelgood and Siyaya created a dazzling Romeo and Juliet - Thando & Ruvhengo in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s City of Kings. Siyaya performed at Live8, WOMAD and the Eden Project. In 2006 visitors of Heaton Park had an opportunity to see their show Tha Tha, a spectacular celebration of life in Africa through traditional and contemporary music and dance prior to a world tour.


Cast: Paul David-Gough (Arthur), Eve Robertson (Guinevere), Ben Sutherland (Lancelot/Marcus), Richard Ashton (Merlin), Rosie Mason (Morgana), Tony Bessick (Beswick), Dan Willis (Mordred), Jill Kemp (Nimue), Danny Topham (Galahad), Sonya Moorhead (Druid/Isolde), Patrick O’Sullivan (Druid/Percival), Rhys Cole (Gawain), Sarah Holland (Bridget), Richard Rimmer (Stephen), Claire Jones (Kae), Saira Khatun (Oriane), Hazel Roy (Mother of Marcus), Ray Shone (Raylock/Boatman).

Production Team: Caroline Clegg (Producer/Director), Peter Clifford (Writer), Noreen Kershaw (Associate Director), Faith Watson (Musical Director), Kate Waters (Fight Director), Grace Jackson (Stick Dance Choreographer), Allison Clarke (Designer), Alison Eyers (Costume Designer), Hazel Roy (Marketing Director), Shona Wright (Production Manager), James Forrester (Stage Manager), Lisa Mildenhall (Production Administrator/SAPP Co-ordinator), Ray Shone (Production Advisor), Karen Hay (Creativity Tent Production Manager), Esther Hudson (Workshop Leader), Rob Beckett and Joseph Kerr (Stage Combat Tutors), Danny Topham (Acting ASM), Sonya Moorhead (Acting ASM), Jenna Omeltschenko (ASM), Miriam Goodall (Front of House Manager), Lisa Mildenhall (Front of House Assistant Manager), Yvonne Sewell (Front of House Assistant)

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Valuing Older People (Manchester City Council), The Manchester Guardian Society Charitable Trust, The Garrick Charitable Trust, The Duchy of Lancaster Benevolent Fund, Stockport Fire Extinguishers

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Arthur - King of the Britons