Feelgood Theatre Productions

Manchester's award winning theatre company

Helen, Paul, James, Chris and Dawn

Helen, Paul, James, Chris and Dawn

James says:
This was the first time I’ve seen a feelgood theatre production but it definatley wont be the last. Really enjoyed the performance and having spent most of my childhood playing in Heaton park, it was fun to watch the different scenes in the places which I knew so well!

Paul says:
The whole performance was brilliant, what a great way for the community young and old to watch Shakespeare in the beautiful setting of Heaton Park. It was a perfect way to enjoy a summers evening and I am looking forward to future performances in the park.

Chris says:
I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from the play and only agreed to go so I didn’t have to sit in the house watching television all night. I mean, walking round a park watching a Shakespeare play I knew nothing about, what’s that about? Surely there most have been things that I could be doing; Boy was I wrong! The play was FANTASTIC! The production was GREAT! The performances were EXCELLENT! I have already recommended the Production to family and friends and I look forward to going in 2008. WELL DONE!

Dawn says:
This has been my second experience of Feelgood Theatre Productions and once again the production far surpassed my expectations. The company’s rendition of A Midsummer Night’s Dream was a comical masterpiece courtesy of Eve Robertson’s energetic performance. The vocals were extremely impressive and I think a huge “well done” should go to the wardrobe department; the costumes were fantastic and were completely in tune with the surroundings. Also very good use was made of the natural environment.