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Supporting Artists, Production and Artistic Administration Internships

Many volunteers have been involved in Feelgood’s productions over the past 13 years and have gained invaluable experience in performance, technical theatre and Front of house. Feelgood’s extensive Internship Programme gives people the opportunity to work alongside a professional company to encourage their own growth, develop skills, network and gain confidence. They are a vital member of the team and as well as gaining an education and a foot on the theatrical ladder they have a great deal of fun - even when they are singing in the rain or rescuing Excalibur from the lake!

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Intern Testimonials

Roz Norbury:
‘Working with Feelgood was a fantastic experience; I’ve never experienced anything quite like it and I doubt I ever will again! I was given the opportunity to become part of an all dancing, all singing a cappella harmony group which was just so much fun and improved my singing skills enormously.  I can’t think of a better way to spend a summer!’

Heather Johnson:
‘During my time with Feelgood, I was impressed with an atmosphere of welcome and familiarity.  In my role as a performer, I learnt so much from the professional actors, and the outdoor location certainly challenged my skills both vocally and physically.  There was such support and humour within the group that I always felt a sense of gain and belonging’

Lewis Hayes:
‘I can not tell you how rewarding my experience with Feelgood was for me. Whilst working under the direction of Caroline Clegg, and alongside professional actors I have learnt invaluable lessons, and had a great time doing it.  Thank you to everyone involved, especially Caroline Clegg who has been an inspiration to me and to whom I feel forever indebted!’

Alex Harding:
‘What can I say?… The summer with Feelgood was a great experience.  I got to meet great people who gave me loads of advice about the acting profession, drama schools and much more. The singing pushed me to explore areas of performance I had not previously explored.  I’m so glad I was part of the team and I had a great time.’